Friday, December 7, 2007

Dizzy from Rock and Rule

Thought ya might like to see a few samples of model sheets we used back on Rock and Rule. Here is Dizzy who was animated by the great Charlie Bonifacio...talented guy and a real nice guy also...hope ya like these.

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  1. I love these! I absolutely loved this movie as a kid, and my respect for it has only grown since then. It was a huge inspiration to me. It's what got me into Rock and Roll, and into Cheap Trick and all the other artists, plus it's also why I got into art, writing and the whole furry thing.

    This film changed my life. Between this movie and D&D, I have had such an awesome life, all things considered, and many of my friends and definitely my life partners were met because of my being into animation and roleplaying.

    I owe you folks SO many thanks because of this movie. changed-saved-my life. Thank you from the very bottom of my heart.

    -Christopher R. Adams AKA Zidders Roofurry